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CIP projects are student initiated, student led projects with faculty or staff serving as advisors that fulfill a need in the community

We would like to thank all the people and institutions that support, cooperate, and offer learning opportunities in the realization of our projects and activities.
You can follow news about our current students’ social responsibility projects here and RC graduates can also share announcements about their ongoing social responsibility activities.

“With a bit of courage, self confidence, desire to work and team spirit, nothing can go wrong with the project.”

Dreams Come True Project, 2016

“The second most important thing that I experienced with the children was being a teacher. I had never experienced this before, and during the CIP it was possibly the most important experience, because it not only helped me understand what it means to be a teacher; at the same time it gave me empathy for my own teachers.”

RKANEP Gördes Project, 2016

“I no longer feel selfish. I’ve learned to share information, love, food and happiness.”

RKANEP Mecidiyeköy Project, 2016

“Prep yılımda koşarak CIP Office’e gittiğim ve “Elif Abla! Aklımda çok güzel bir fikir var!” dediğim o ilk günkü heyecanım daha bugünkü gibi aklımda. Şimdi geçmişe bakınca İstanbul gibi gelişmiş bir şehirde madalyonun öbür yüzü, fırsatları kısıtlı çocuklara ulaşmak olan amacımızı düşe kalka, her geçen gün yeni şeyler öğrenerek yerine getirdiğimizi görebiliyorum.”

RKANEP Gördes Projesi , 2016 (Bir son sınıf öğrencimiz)

“In the end, probably the most important thing I learned was to not discriminate against people. What does it matter where we were born or who our ancestors are? In the end aren’t we all human? If we all experience the same excitement, and share the same feelings, it means we are all part of the same community.”

Project for Children of Seasonal Migrant Workers in Adana, 2015